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Set of brushes

Set of brushes

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Synthetic fiber brushes in three sizes and with two tips of different shapes to create any design.

Brushes with tips of different shape and size created specifically to maximize the results of Vincent Paint and allow numerous painting techniques.

The bristles, protected by a special plastic cap, are in synthetic fiber , have high absorbency and color retention, for one smooth finish from the first brushstroke.

The wooden handle painted and the metal ring they make Vincent brushes light , practical And handy .

Available in three dimensions :
. round tip brush size 2
. flat tip brush size 6
. flat tip brush size 10

Cleaning and care : remove the residual dye with a cloth and then immerse the bristles in soapy water for a few minutes, taking care not to crush the tip. Rinse with water and dab immediately with a cloth. Leave to dry with the tip facing up.

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