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Vincent Paint dye thinner

Vincent Paint dye thinner

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Format: 30ml (1.01oz)

Specific thinner for Vincent Paint use with airbrush, to unlock new painting techniques and create unique designs.

Diluent specific for the application of color with airbrush . Formulated to be used with Vincent Paint, it allows the color to come out of the airbrush more fluidly , maintaining the technical characteristics remain unchanged of the dye.

Compatible materials : specific product for footwear, bags, leather seats, belts, etc. Can be used on: leather, real leather, faux leather, imitation leather, rubber, fabric and canvas. Do not use on suede and alcantara items.

How to use : mix Vincent Paint well. Dilute the dye with the Thinner in a 1:1 ratio or according to the needs of the airbrush. Pour the product into the appropriate container of the airbrush.

After using the airbrush, clean the equipment well with a solvent-based cleaner, such as alcohol.

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